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Generic Logic Inc. is a premier provider of Real-Time Graphics, Data Visualization, HMI SCADA and custom GIS Solutions for software developers around the world. Its products are used to visualize and control real-time and mission-critical processes in a variety of industries, from producing silicon wafers and controlling chemical plants to launching satellites into space and monitoring airport security.

Generic Logic's interactive Graphics Builder allows developers to rapidly create and prototype dynamic graphical displays and custom graphical components without writing low-level graphics code, saving months of development time and facilitating the components' reuse.

The GLG Toolkit is a powerful and flexible tool for creating custom data-driven HMI displays that can be deployed on any platform , from Windows to Linux and embedded ARM boards, from desktop to the Web and Mobile devices, in C/C++, C# .NET, Java, HTML5 JavaScript , or ASP.NET / JSP. A simplified and customizable HMI Configurator is provided for the OEM deployment.

A powerful GLG run-time API with an open data interface makes it easy to integrate dynamic displays with any custom data source and develop custom HMI systems for either desktop, or Web and Mobile devices.

"Command and Control Technologies Corporation selected the GLG Toolkit to be part of our Command and Control Software Product Line because it provides the best overall product value available on the market for real-time dynamic visualization. A rich multi-platform feature-set is what originally attracted us to GLG. But continuous product evolution and improvement, as well as strong technical support, is what has kept our commitment to the GLG product suite intact for over fifteen years." - Rodney Davis, CTO, Command and Control Technologies

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Process Control Factory Management Radioactive Waste Facility Control and Monitoring
Mission Critical, Defense and Aerospace
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  Security Monitoring and Surveillance
Security Monitoring C3I Surveillance Toolkit GIS and Map Server
Real-Time Charts
Real-Time Charts
Range Control
Range Control Range Control
GIS and Map Server
GIS and Map Server Mission Planning Fire Rescue Wind Monitor


Supported Environments:
  • Windows / Linux / Unix

  • Desktop / Web / Mobile

  • Cross-Platform C/C++

  • Embedded / ARM

  • Java

  • C# / VB.NET

  • HTML5 & JavaScript


GLG Widgets GLG Widgets
Royalty Free Components

Real-Time Charts, Dials and Gauges

C / C++ / C# / .NET / Java / Web / Mobile

Embedded: BeagleBone / Raspberry Pi / NVIDIA Jetson Nano

GLG Toolkit Visualization and HMI / SCADA Toolkit
Interactive Graphics Builder

Royalty-Free Cross-Platform Framework

C / C++ / C# / .NET / Java / Web / Mobile

Embedded: BeagleBone / Raspberry Pi / NVIDIA Jetson Nano

                  Demo Web HMI & SCADA Toolkit
HTML5 & JavaScript Web Deployment

Create HMI Screens with
Interactive Graphics Builder

Deploy on a Web Page with JavaScript
Web / Tablet / Mobile

Supports All Major Browsers:
Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Mobile

GLG Graphics Server for
                  AJAX AJAX Graphics Server
Server Side Web HMI and SCADA


Web / Tablet / Mobile

                  Configurator HMI Configurator
Simplified HMI Editor for End Users

Custom Drag and Drop Components
Supports OEM extensions and customization

Extended API Dynamic Configuration and Editing API

Advanced Toolkit Option for
Creating Objects at Run-Time

GIS Map Server GIS Map Server
Embedded or Web-based Map Server

Integrated Toolkit Component or Standalone

Embedded: BeagleBone / Raspberry Pi / NVIDIA Jetson Nano