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GLG Real-Time Strip Chart Web Example (HTML5 & JavaScript)

This pure HTML5 and JavaScript strip chart example demonstrates basic features of the GLG Real-Time Chart, such as real-time updates, chart tooltips and changing attributes of the chart's plots. More information

Check the GLG Real-Time Strip Chart Demo for more elaborate features, such as integrated zooming and scrolling, Real-Time, Historical and Calendar chart modes, legend item selection and other GLG chart features.

To display chart tooltips, hover the mouse over the chart (touch and hold on mobile devices).

The demo loads a GLG drawing containing a real-time strip chart with interface controls and animates it with real-time data. The drawing was created with an interactive GLG Graphics Builder, which can be used to customize chart layout. The GLG JavaScript Library provides an API for displaying the drawing on a web page, as well as supplying real-time data and handling user interaction.

The GLG JavaScript Library implements full GLG run-time functionality present in the GLG C/C++, C# and Java libraries, allowing the same graphical page and programming logic to be shared between the desktop and Web/Mobile version of an application.