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Training and Consulting Services

Custom HMI and SCADA Consulting
GIS Consulting
Technical Support
Upgrade Maintenance


We are dedicated to supporting our customers in all aspects of application development, from technical support to comprehensive training and consulting services. As a company, we strongly believe that we are successful only when our customers successfully develop and deploy their applications.

We offer a variety of training and consulting services to quickly become proficient with GLG products, jump start your application development and ensure success in implementing your systems in a cost-effective way.

The following services are offered:
  • Custom HMI and SCADA Consulting
    • Proof of Concept and Application Prototypes
    • Copmplete Application Development and Deployment
    • Developing Custom HMI and SCADA Displays
    • Custom Components and Special Features
    • Custom Editor Extensions
    • Custom Diagramming Editors and Process Flow Diagrams
    • Performance Tuning
  • GIS Consulting
    • Proof of Concept and Application Prototypes
    • GIS Data Processing and Conversion
    • Custom Features and Extensions
  • Performance Tuning
  • Custom and On-Site Training

Over the years, Generic Logic has acquired decades of experience assisting developers from aerospace, process control, transportation, finance, telecommunication and other industries, including GE, Oracle, Alcan, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, NASA, TRW, Rockwell Collins, DOD and US Government.

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Generic Logic provides a variety of training courses tailored to your development needs and development environment, such as C, C++, C#, Java, .NET, AJAX, on both Linux/Unix and Windows. In a matter of days, trainees will gain the skills needed to use the Toolkit, shortening the learning curve, and facilitating rapid and cost-effective application development.

A training course can be customized to suit your level of acquaintance with GLG, the development environment, and may be tailored to cover specific areas of interest related to your application.

On-Site Training
Training classes may be conducted at Generic Logic's training facility or on-site at your location. The latter option reduces the cost of training for a group of several trainees.
For more information on enrollment, please call (413) 253-7491 or send email to


Generic Logic's technical support team is dedicated to providing comprehensive personable service with a quick turn-around. We are proud to provide one of the best support services in the industry, having won numerous praises from our customers.

Support includes help with GLG features, product usage, problem resolution and bug fixes, and ranges from Basic to Priority support levels. Priority support provides extended support including web/teleconferencing, one business day response time and priority problem resolution. Priority support is recommended for applications that use the Enterprise Edition of the Graphics Builder, the GLG Extended API or the GLG Map Server.

Upgrade Maintenance

Upgrade maintenance subscription is provided as a separate service and includes automatic product upgrades at a discounted price. It is available with the original purchase or for renewal of an active upgrade maintenance subscription.

For more information, please call (413) 253-7491 or send email to